OUR WEEKLY GATHERINGS: We meet at the Apple Barn in Simsbury on Saturdays (5-6:30 p.m.). Dates for the coming month are November 30. On the first Saturday of each month, we unite together with the other Church Communities for a larger worship gathering called UNITED. Learn more about our UNITED Worship Night on Saturday, December 7 (5 p.m.).

OUR PEOPLE AND OUR MISSIONAL FOCUS: We are a multigenerational Church Community consisting largely of young adults, families with middle/high school students, and empty-nesters. We are driven with a passion to serve and bless our community. Our young adults create opportunities for other young adults to develop relationships, share meals, and navigate life together. Likewise, help students grow in faith and meet the needs of the student population in our town. Our Church Community also helps the underprivileged and widows in our community, and occasionally goes to Hartford to work with Church Army and serving the homeless. Please see other Church Communities for individuals/families in other life stages, or other missional focus areas.

WHAT TO EXPECT: At our weekly gatherings, you’ll enter into a community of 35-45 people. We dress casually and enjoy a snack or coffee together. We sing worship songs reminding us of God’s goodness, and draw near to Him through prayer and the sharing of what He has done in our lives. We then explore God’s Word with biblical teaching from our pastor, followed by a time of discussion around tables. This family-style environment allows us to ask meaningful questions about the teaching and to share a meal together — as we often do. The size gives us the opportunity to build relationships, support each other as extended family, and team together as we seek to bless our community. See a video depicting our Church Community here. Contact Marc & Jill Rienow if you have questions or would like to chat before you visit.